think you can outdo us? one up it

one up it!
(create your own version of brilliance)

there's boredom, boredom everywhere. (i think we stepped in some.) with your help, we're going to get rid of it. show us your brilliance and we just might share it with the world. tweet your brilliant videos, gifs, pics and comments using #makeboringbriliant and keep checking back. (especially if you're bored.)
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we like the attitude, not the language.
try again, chief.
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oh, no. = still boring.
quick, make it brilliant.
we haven't made this brilliant yet because we think you can. correct, you can fight boredom. you can tame it with your brilliant touch. tickle its furry belly. just tweet your brilliant videos, gifs, pics, and comments to @vitaminwater and be sure to c'mon back. (especially if you're bored.)
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whoa, there's a lot of boredom out there.
(5 million Tweets a week worth)
do something about it.
join our mission.
and let's: